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I’ve finally added my themes to the BlogTactics Themes page, you can grab them here: –

Custom WP Blog Themes

I’ve also started posting a series of videos on how to use them, although I need to re-do a few of them for the latest version of WP, which may take a few days..

and don’t forget to check out the Brute Force SEO $1 trial offer while it’s still available: –

Brute Force SEO


Brute Force SEO

I almost missed this…

it’s all very well relaxing and having fun with my kids, but I’ve been so busy messing around with them that I almost missed out on something that I’ve been waiting several weeks to get my hands on!!

it’s only thanks to my son taking a break from Warcraft that I happened to quickly log in to check my email and spotted the reminder…

then when I went to the site it wouldn’t come up!

I thought I’d missed out already, as there’s only a very few lucky people who will get in on this one…

after hitting refresh a few times it (don’t you hate having to do that!) did finally come up, so I’ve grabbed my copy, go get yours now…

Brute Force SEO

what ya mean ya wanna know what it is!?!