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BlogRush v RealTrafficExchange v Link2Blogs Traffic Widget Test

I’ve had BlogRush (from John Reese), RealTrafficExchange (from Jon Leger) and Link2Blogs (from Cody Moya) each installed on three separate blogs for the last couple of months to try and work out which is best for bringing in some new traffic to my blogs.

I installed each widget on three separate blogs with similar levels of traffic, in different markets to try and make sure the test was a reasonable comparison.

It’s not easy to compare the results as each system presents the “Stats” in a different way, with Link2Blogs being by far the worst for stats as there is no indication of the number of impressions your “ads” have had..

BlogRush is probably the best known of the three and the reporting is quite clear.

The average CTR (Click Through Rate) across all three blogs on BlogRush was a pretty measly 0.04%, and the highest achieved on any individual post was only 0.2%