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WP Profit Plugin

WP Profits Plugin

Apologies if you couldn’t find this post earlier, it is on the site, but I gave the post a different name to that I originally intended, so when I emailed my subscribers about the new video and post I gave the wrong link, sorry!!!

This is basically a duplicate post of the earlier one that is here: – WP Auto Profits

This third video in the series is to show how easy it is to take any blog posts, both existing and future posts, and add affiliate links to specific keywords to start making commissions, using the Stealth Profit Machines WP Plugin.

The two previous videos that I made can also be viewed, the links are below: –

Using SPM to install a WP Blog: – WordPress Automation Tool

Adding months of automated content to your WP Blogs: – WP Auto Blog Content


WP Auto Profits

Auto Blog Profits Plugin

This video shows how easy it is to take any blog content and start making money from it using the Stealth Profit Machines WP Plugin.

It takes only moments to set up and can monetize existing content and old blog posts.

There are two previous videos that also show how the “SPM” software can be used to install WP blogs and provide and auto-post keyword targeted content for your blogs to make them hands free.

You can see the first video here: – WordPress Automation Tool

And you can watch the second video here: – WP Auto Blog Content

You can check out the software here : – Stealth Profit Machines

NOTE: You will need one or more domain names for your blogs and a hosting plan, the software works with “addon” domains on a standard cpanel host.