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Now and then a product or service pops up that I just know is going to be a serious addition to the tools that I use on a daily basis.

Today is one of those days…

If you’ve ever read anything about SEO (Search Engine Otpimization) you should have a very clear idea about the importance of getting backlinks to your sites. The more the better.

In fact, a badly designed, crap looking site can outperform a professionally designed site simply by having more backlinks.

So if someone offered you a way to automate the process of getting 10-20 permanant good quality backlinks every day for your sites, you’d probably be pretty keen, right?

Yup, so was I.

I’ve done a 6 min video showing how TBSpider works…

As far as testing it goes, well, I managed to get over a dozen backlinks while making the video, including 1 PR4, 2 PR3’s and 2 PR2’s.

And the system had also built up a list of another 32+ sites that I could get more backlinks from, and that was in just a few minutes.

I actually left it running after I’d finished the video and within an hour it had around 360+ sites that it could get backlinks from, all of which it had checked to make sure the sites wasn’t using the “nofollow” tag!

This kind of tool is exactly why I have more than one PC sat on my desk, the spare PC (my laptop) is going to be running this a lot…

There will only be 300 copies of this released, so I highly recommend going and grabbing your copy now.

There’s a link under the video – TBSpider

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