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I’ve been testing out using blogcarnival’s for getting new links and traffic to my main “blogging” blog, BlogTactics and it’s working so well that I’ve started using it for a couple of other blogs, including this one.

The Technorati backlinks count for BlogTactics has jumped by 30+ links in the last couple of weeks from this simple tactic, so I figured it was time to make a post here about it.

BlogCarnival’s are simply blog posts on other blogs where the owners of those blogs post links and comments to a bunch of other blogs that are related.

The better the quality of the posts on your blog, the more likely you are to be included in any specific carnival, although it’s still entirely up to the blog owner which blogs they will include in the carnival, so make sure you post some good stuff before doing a carnival submission.

You can find carnivals for blogs related to your blog and submit your blog using the site and it’s pretty quick and easy to do, so I’d highly recommend adding this tactic to your daily or weekly schedule.

I’ve already seen new visitors from my submissions as well as the extra backlinks, so for a few minutes work each day I’ve found it a pretty effective use of my time, although to be fair I have to admit that I’ve outsourced the work, but it’s something you could easily do yourself..

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Comment by Richard McLaughlin
2008-09-27 09:06:25

I have a blog carnival submission software that I use. I made a list of 61 blog carnivals that are business, internet and blogging related. About the best use of blog carnival out there.

I stumbled it and included it in my blog carnival.

(see the carnival at:


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