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Using RSS For Backlinks and Blog Traffic

Last week I managed to get early access to the new MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors Back plugin to test it out and see just how it can change your RSS Feed.

A blog’s RSS Feed, whilst being a great way for your subscribers to read your blog content, does have some significant drawbacks.

First of all your subscribers are likely to visit your blog less, if at all, as they’re getting your content from the feed, so they interact less with your blog and are less likely to read other related posts on your blog and “take action”.

In other words it cust down the likelyhood fo them opting in to your email newsletter, leaving a comment on a post, clicking the “like” button to share your posts, or even click on a paid advert/affiliate link.

And second, people can grab your RSS feed and use your content for their own sites, effectively stealing your valuable content AND some of your potential visitors.

The new BMBVB (BringMyBlogVisitorsBack) plugin deals with both of these problems for you by giving you far more flexibility and control over your RSS feed,

Basically it does what it says in the name, it brings people who would otherwise be lost to your RSS feed, back to visit your blog.

lost somewhere on the premises of RSS Feed who otherwise should have been playing on your blog happily.

here’s a quick list of what it will do: –

a) Display related posts

b) Display social icons

c) Display Number of Comments

d) Display Latest User Comment

e) Display header and footer text/banners

f) Display copyright notice

I mentioned that I’ve had a copy for a week or so, I’ve had it running on a few of my blogs to test it out, and I’ve already seen the number of clicks to the banner ad I’ve put at the top increase by over 400% and make me some new sales!

I’ve done a quick video to show just how easy it is to set up so you can see that it really is well designed and a easy to use. Here’s the video: –

Bring My Blog Visitors Back Demo Setup Video

As it’s just been released, there’s a launch week discount offer of 30% off until midnight July 18th, so I recommend grabbing a cpy and tetsing it out yourself asap…

You can see more about it here ~> BringMyBlogVisitorsBack

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