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yeah, I know, sounds like trying to make money by giving someone the Flu right…

Well, apparently it’s very effective, so I thought I’d give it a go.

I’ve taken a bunch of my videos (see and linked to them in a ebook on how to set up a blog. I then added in a few affiliate links for recommended resources for things like hosting, an autoresponder and a good blog web 2.0 ebook.

Then I got a copy of a pdf brander tool and made the affiliate links brandable.

This basically means that I can give this to other internet marketers and they can “re-brand” the affiliate links in the report so that they are their own affiliate links and they will make money from giving away the report for free to their subscribers and customers.

What do I get out of it?

Two things, first it get’s my name out their on the net as an “authority” on blogging (don’t laugh, it’s one of my pet subjects), and secondly, there is a couple of “prompts” to try and encourage people to sign up to my blogging newsletter to get partII of the report when I release it, which will be soon(ish).

this helps me to build a reputation and a subscriber base in preparation for another “how to make money with blogging” book that I’ve been working on for a few months, remember I do it myself to make sure it work before I write a product…

How’s it going?

So far I have approached around 20 potential partners for the free brandable report and 6 have said they will send it out to their lists, or post it on their site.

Only one has done so to date, but I only sent out the emails a few days ago, and I am already getting 4-5 sign ups a day. That may not sound much, but they will be targeted subscribers who will be receptive to more blogging product tips, tricks and tactics, as well as the occaisional product promotion, including my own when I launch it.

I’ll do another report on this in a few weeks as an update.

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