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I’ve only just got my hands on this sweet new tool from Neil Shearing, so I’ve got no results to post yet, but I wanted to make a post about it as it goes on sale tomorrow and there’s a 50% discount for the first 278 buyers..

that may seem like a lot of people, but I’ve spoken to Neil andI know that there are over 432 people already signed up for the “early bird” notification list to get in an hour early, so those 278 discounts will go VERY quickly!

So what does the tool do?

It’s a wordpress datafeed plugin.

If you don’t know what a datafeed is it’s basically free content provided by big suppliers through some affiliate programs (like link share and CJ). The content is lots of info about their full line of products and can have your affiliate code embedded.

So you get a whole bunch of free content that automatically posts to your blog over time with monetization built in, that’s a nice plugin for any blog..

Neil tested the plugin out on a brand new blog he made for the purpose and the site was indexed in google and getting traffic within just 3 days of having been registered, not only that, it then made the first sale on day 10!!!

Neil didn’t spend any money on promoting the site, he basically just got one free backlink from an “authority” site and let it run.

the site has made over $3,851 in sales in it’s first month online.

You can grab a free report from Neil giving more details about the site, the plugin, what he did to promote it and the full results here:


there’s a link in the report to get on to the early bird notification list as well, so you can get in on the 50% discount, if you’re quick..

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Comment by Ray
2008-03-05 07:38:30

I am a little confused by this. I signed up for the earlybird notification. The script goes on sale at 1pm GMT meaning I should be able to buy it at 12noon ?

It is now 12.38pm and I have had no email to allow me to purchase the script early. Am I missing something here?

Comment by Lazygit
2008-03-05 10:52:10

Hi Ray,
sorry, the early bird notification was at 1pm, (GMT) full release time is 2pm (GMT), hope you managed to get in..


Comment by Dolores
2008-03-11 21:08:12


It is a great script I have a guestion though, did you get the script to run automatically? If so what webhost are you using?

Comment by Lazygit
2008-03-16 23:20:48

Hi Dolores,
I’ve actually got almost a dozen different reseller hosting plans, as well as a private virtual server and a dedicated host.
Ths script should run fine on any cPanl based hosting plan.
Is your hosting plan cPanel?
If so which host is it and what error messages are you getting?
Although, thats probably info. you send to Neil, I’m sure he can help you get it up and running..


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